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Court Settlement Continues Between Bruce Levenson and AIG Insurance

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Bruce Levenson recently sold his shares of the Atlanta Hawks franchise to Tony Ressler and company after owning them for 12 years. In the midst of this sale, Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment chose not to retain General Manager Danny Ferry, and as a result he filed a claim with the AHBE’s insurance company. The insurance company has not paid any amount to Ferry thus far despite AHBE’s attorneys stating that the insurance company was obligated to play the claim due to Ferry meeting the policy regulations. Levenson and AHBE have decided to take the insurance company to court to sue for damages.

Levenson is a longtime businessman with a background in journalism. According to Time Magazine, he got a degree in the field from Washington University and for a few years contributed at the Washington Star. He also has a J.D. from American University but has never practiced law. Levenson and his friend Ed Peskowitz started a company out of Levenson’s own home, and it became known as Unified Communications Group (UCG), a company that’s spread its influence all around the globe. UCG publishes newsletters of various industries and is also the parent company to GasBuddy, an app designed to help drivers locate cheap fuel prices. Levenson is also on the Board of Directors at TechTarget and BIA Digital Partners.

Levenson is the founder of several philanthropy groups in Washington D.C. including Hoop Dreams, a youth basketball association that hosts tournaments in the D.C. area, and “I Have a Dream” Foundation which helps raise scholarship funds for inner city children to attend university. Levenson is also a supporter of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in large part due to his family history, and he helped launch the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. He’s also a member of the SEED Foundation and Birthright Israel.

Political Funder

George Soros Takes On Trump

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Like many Americans, George Soros is not happy with the election of Donald Trump to be the 45th president of the country. But unlike the rest of us, the billionaire philanthropist and political activist has a plan to resist Trump.

Soros recently met with other large donors in a gathering at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, D.C. along with high-level Democratic politicians on Politico. Also in attendance were Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison.

According to reports, the gathering was a strategy session on in which Soros and others were to put together a plan to resist a Trump presidency from day one. Specifically, they are attempting to thwart Trump’s first 100 Day plan. This plan is seen as a “terrifying assault” on the legacy of president Barack Obama.

George Soros has been a longtime supporter of Democratic policies and candidates. He enthusiastically backed Hillary Clinton in her run against Trump in the most recent election.

According to FEC reports, Soros had donated over $25 million dollars to Clinton’s campaign and to Super PACs that supported her. Her shocking defeat at the hands of Donald Trump has caused many Democratic strategist on and donors to take a step back and reconsider their next move.

The meeting in Washington was organized by the Democratic Alliance donor club. This influential organization at has long been an influence in liberal politics. However, after the defeat of Clinton many in the Democratic Party are crying out for a change in strategy.

Enter George Soros.

With his vast wealth and progressive ideas, Soros is in a unique position to influence the direction of not only the Democratic Party but the progressive movement as well.

One of Soros’ major victories this election cycle was the defeat of controversial Maricopa County (AZ) sheriff Joe Arpaio. He donated $2 million to the Maricopa Strong Super PAC. That amount was the single largest contribution to a local race this election season.

With the election of Paul Penzone as sheriff, Soros has struck a blow against the rampant discriminatory actions of Arpaio. The former sheriff has been charged with contempt of court by federal prosecutors for continuing his discriminatory policing policies.

Along with his political contributions, George Soros continues to fight for human rights and freedom around the world through his Open Society Foundations. The organization continues to work to build free societies and hold governments accountable for their actions.

Through the organization, Soros has become one of the world’s most prolific philanthropists. To date, he has given away more than $12 billion of his fortune to charitable groups all over the world. Through political action and charitable contributions, George Soros will continue to fight for freedom and democracy around the globe.

Education/Uncommon School

Keith Mann is Saving Students Education

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Keith Mann recently partnered up with Dynamics Search Partners to set up a fundraising campaign for schools that are less fortunate than others. They are called uncommon schools. Throughout the time the fundraiser was running $22,000 was raised for the Uncommon Schools. The money that has been raised with help with student testing at a new school site opened by a charter school.

The point of the fundraiser was to help close the gap between underprivileged students that want to make it through all the years of schooling and graduate from college. Keith Mann has been supporting the mission to help all students get a good education.

The Uncommon Schools program has been opening new schools in New York to ensure that everyone has a facility close to them. The funding for student testing is going towards PSAT and AP Testing for each school year. Before this fundraiser Dynamics Search Partners donated $10k out of their pocket. They first started working with schools in New York back in 2013. There is a lot of room for improvement there.

Dynamic Search Partners continues to work on building a stronger relationship with schools in New York and assist as many students as possible on learning good study habits. The continued commitment to academic support with help all students in high school and many more in the years to come. Mann continues to travel around the United States touring schools and building relationships. It is good to sit with classes and get a feel for what their day-to-day agenda is like. It is inspiring to see how the donations are helping. Many students that have been helped are planning for colleges and internships.

Mann has worked in the executive search industry for over ten years and is an expert in managing funds and staffing. He served as Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search for some time. In 2006 Mann expanded Dynamic Search Partners to a private equity industry and three years later he turned it into a premier executive search firm.

Uncommon schools is working with 40 schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Home office is in New York.

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Bruce Levenson and the AHBE

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When Bruce Levenson was a young man, he didn’t have a straightforward career plan. He wasn’t sure if he should pursue writing or business. He attended Washington University (WU) and American University (AU). He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from WU and a J.D. from AU. Shortly after graduating, he began writing for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. As much as he loved writing, he felt his passion for business growing. In 1977, he, along with Ed Peskowitz, co-founded United Communications Group. It is a company that he is still co-owns. He is also Director of

Bruce is a former owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Atlanta Spirit owns the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Philips Arena. Recently, the former owners, a group called AHBE, filed a lawsuit against their former insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company. The group claims the insurance company has breached their contract. AHBE believes that their policy had been triggered, but the insurance company, described as AIG, refuses to acknowledge it. AIG stands by their claim that the policy has not been triggered. The policy in question states that AHBE will be covered for certain losses related to employment practices. These practices could include acts such as “wrongful termination” and workplace torts.”

In a recent report by Time Magazine, AHBE has even provided documents showing that a representative of AIG, Danny Ferry, reached a buyout agreement with them on June 22, 2015. Although the amount of the claim is confidential, it is making AIG rethink its policies. Despite being shown AHBE’s documents, AIG continues to holdout payment of AHBE’s coverage. AIG is refusing to participate. AIG is also refusing to acknowledge any discussions had between AHBE and Ferry’s counsel. AIG has yet to offer any explanation for its irrational behavior.


Health and Wellness

What The Traditional Food Chains Can Learn from Sweetgreen

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Sweetgreen is an American-based fast casual restaurant chain serving simple, seasonal and healthy food. The restaurant was established in August 2007 by partners Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, just three months after their graduation from Georgetown University with an undergraduate degree in business. By October 2016, the food chain had 64 stores operating in California, United States, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Columbia.



Sweetgreen has more than 1700 workers. Other than food, it has key initiatives in the lifestyle, music (sweet life festival), philanthropy and technology (sweetgreen app).



Sweetgreen’s new model for fast foods


If legacy restaurants were to start from scratch, nearly all of them would want to be like Sweetgreen. This high-end salad chain is backed by big-time investors like Danny Meyer, Daniel Boulud and Steve Case and it hits all the high notes in today’s food business- fresh, local, healthy and organic. The recipe resonates well with diners, who maintain long lines at the restaurant’s 40 locations.



As stated by the co-CEO Nathaniel Ru, the company plans to create a brand that represents something. They aspire to feed more people with better food.



Other than just food, Sweetgreen’s co-CEOs have a lot to teach traditional chains. The three classmates have been tech frontiers, and thirty percent of the transactions are made through the restaurant’s website or its mobile app. According to Ru, technology has always been in the Georgetown University graduates’ DNA.



 Their management strategies


The Sweetgreen partners are rethinking their management strategies. In order to stay closer to its customers, the company shuts down almost the entire corporate office five times a year to allow everyone a chance to work in its restaurants. Sweetgreen has recently opened a branch in Los Angeles, operating without a major headquarters. Ru says that as much as they wanted to decentralize their headcount, they don’t believe in big offices.



While studying their undergraduate degree, Sweetgreen co-founders realized that Georgetown region had limited healthy eating options. They focused on that realization when they started their first restaurant. The three told the Fortune that they knew their business would survive when they managed through to their first winter break after all the students went on vacation.



When asked what advice he would give to his 20-year-old self, Nathaniel Ru says that he would tell himself to read more books. On the most difficult thing about managing, Ru says they used to do everything in the company. He advises that it is good to have a team around you so that you can delegate some duties.

Eric Pulier/Technological Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier Has Become Immensely Successful As A Technological Entrepreneur

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Eric Pulier has made a number of contributions to the technological field today as well as a number of different philanthropic causes over the course of 20 years he has been in business. Eric’s technological focus began all the way back in elementary school, when he began working with computers as a child. Eric Pulier enjoyed working with computers, and by the time he was in high school, he could not only program, but also build his own computer. This technological focus stuck with Eric all throughout his academics and into his entrepreneurial efforts.

After having attended both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, Eric was confident that he had learned what he needed to turn his ideas for success into a reality. It was at this time that Eric decided to move to Los Angeles, California, where he planned to start up his very first company on his own. This company was to use technology to find solutions for typical problems in industries such as healthcare and education, also known as People Doing Things. This company turned out to be largely successful in a relatively short amount of time, which had Eric looking for his next opportunity in no time. Today, he has founded a handful of different companies, including the likes of Digital Evolution, Desktone, and ServiceMesh. His most recent sell amounted to more than $350 million, and is just another notch on his impressive portfolio of accomplishments.

Today, Eric is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiatives, and has dedicated a lot of his time to helping the global community as well as others trying to make their way into business. He does this regularly through his public speaking and writing on various different subjects, which have been published in the likes of Manning Publications and even Forbes Magazine. He also contributes to charities and other non-profit organizations doing worthwhile things, such as the Starbright Foundation for chronically ill children.

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Mike Baur Helping Launch the Dreams of Entrepreneurs

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Many entrepreneurs have useful and smart ideas in their particular area expertise. Whether it be a small-town mechanic with an innovative new product to help fix aging cars, or a group of young professionals that want to start the next great health food restaurant chain, great ideas in this world are almost boundless. However, these great ideas remain just that if the entrepreneurs behind them don’t receive financial and business management assistance. That is where Mike Baur steps in and provides the assistance that so many up-and-coming ideas desperately need.


Baur is able to provide clear, concise and quality business information to new start-ups due in large part to his financial education and work experience. His collegiate career started off with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance from the University of Applied Sciences Bern in Switzerland. Then Baur followed up this degree with two MBA degrees. He received a traditional MBA from the University of Rochester in New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne in Switzerland.


Baur used the education garnered from these advanced degrees in the financial Industry. Being Swiss, he started his career in the Swiss private banking sub-industry. He worked for large, worldwide banking companies such as UBS and Clariden Leu, which would later be merged with Credit Suisse. After twenty years of working for these large banking institutions, Baur decided to start his entrepreneurial career.


In 2014 he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory, with his business partners with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Based in Zurich, the company is described as an accelerator for new ideas and businesses. At the base of the company’s philosophy of helping start-ups get up and running is a unique three-month program. During this time, the company provides office space within the city of Zurich, mentoring to the start-up’s owners and networking tools to help spread the word about the new start-up. While the Swiss Startup Factory may not directly be responsible for the genesis of new products or businesses, it is immensely valuable and crucial for new entrepreneurs. Without this company, many new start-ups would just be dreams on paper.



Mexican Company

Mexico’s Leading Vessel and Engineering Services Giant-Cotemar

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Cotemar is a Mexican oil & gas service company. Their services include offshore oil fields expansion, maintenance, services support, catering & accommodation, transport of personnel, and supplies by specialized vessels.

Cotemar mainly focuses on modernizing and innovating offshore rigs and processing centers from the prefabricated containers. It also deals with vessel operations supported by fast, dynamic, semi-submersible rigs which move from one oil field complex to another.


Cotemar was established in 1979 as an energy service company. It has grown to become a giant in offshore services in the gas and oil industry providing Petroleum, oil, and gas operations services in Mexico. In 1985, Cotemar acquired its first rig providing food and accommodation services with quality service delivery. It further increased the fleet of personalized transportation in 1988 and expanded its market presence by offering additional transport services on five rigs and three specialized vessels simultaneously.

In 2002 it acquired a new vessel-Hibernia, increasing its asset base and muscle in the engineering sector. Fast forward to 2016; Cotemar ventured into a new business opportunity like the onshore upstream. The contract was awarded in the Cuichapa Poniente Moloacan area, Veracruz State, Mexico. Cotemar had participated all the way to the third stage of the tendering process, led by the Commission Nacional de Hidrocarburos.


Accommodation and catering

Cotemar offers high-quality health, accommodation, and catering services on its rigs and vessels to over 4,000 clients. These services include accommodation, food, and recreational facilities such as gyms, IT entertainment, among others. It also offers laundry services, cleaning of common areas on the rigs, and vessel cabins.

Specialized marine Support ships

Cotemar has ships that supply exceptional offshore maintenance services, and light transport services in the Campeche Bay. These ships operate via satellite, linked to computers. They control the motors, ensuring the ship remains static. These vessels are the connection between Ciudad del Carmen and the offshore. All Cotemar maritime operations follow strict international management standards, specified under the ISO – ISM- ISPS certification requirement.

Building and maintenance of ships

The maintenance service works with a combined support of high load capacity derricks cranes submersible rigs. These move from one complex to another due to its mobility. Control operations are performed with modern telecommunication systems to capture field information every minute. Cotemar’s primary objectives include Installation of materials on time, and ensuring high standards of safety, quality, and respect for the environment. It also aims to deliver efficient business practices through efficient and timely work values and cost reduction services to customers. The firm complies with environmental regulations through preservation of natural habitats and reducing pollution.

Learn more about Cotemar:

Natural Hair Care

Wen by Chaz Dean: A Unique Haircare Experience

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Los Angeles-based hair stylist, Chaz Dean, has quite the celebrity following at his Hollywood salon. This salon is where he created Wen Cleansing Conditioners, a unique and revolutionary way to clean your hair.

Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 formula designed to take place of shampoo and conditioner, as well as other conditioning products (leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, and detangler). Unlike regular shampoos, Wen does not contain harsh sulfates that damage your hair. Wen Cleansing Conditioner comes in three formulas – Sweet Almond Mint, Pomegranate, and Lavender.

In addition to Cleansing Conditioner, Wen also has a line of hair styling products. This includes Nourishing Mousse, Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and a special Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment.

Wen’s Nourishing Mousse has a lightweight, non-sticky formula that provides your hair with a soft, touchable hold. Wen’s Anti-Frizz Styling Creme is created to help remove and prevent frizz in your hair. Providing up to eight hours of frizz control, the Anti-Frizz Styling Creme makes hair stronger and less prone to breakage – even when exposed to heat styling. Wen’s Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment is a weekly hair treatment designed to keep your hair soft, smooth, and shiny with its Sweet Almond Oil contents.

With Wen by Chaz Dean, you get a 60 day money back guarantee. So try it! Because after all, you deserve beautiful hair. For more info, visit the WEN hair Facebook page and this link:


Health/Fitness Expert

Markus Rothkranz: A Leader In Optimal Health Education

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The Markus IncrediPizza – raw vegan gluten-free healthy pizza

Markus Rothkranz is originally from Cologne, Germany. His family moved to Canada when he was five. Rothkranz suffered from a weakened immune system as a child; however, this did not dampen his spirit. He gave a speech about exponential evolution when he was nine years old. In the speech, Rothkranz predicted that humans would experience an evolution of higher spirituality in this lifetime.

At a young age, Rothkranz showed great promise in the arts. He used his interest in Walt Disney to make a miniature model of the Magic Kingdom. There were some computerized parts on the model that moved. His work was featured in the local news and the New York Times. He worked with an MGM producer when he was 15 years old. He made the films “Arizona Forever” and “2083”. A year later, Huron Heights Secondary School presented an automotive design award to him. Rothkranz was fascinated with theoretical physics and electronics. He made many friends in the MENSA group.

All About IRON_ Why You May Not be Low_ fun video by Markus Rothkranz

When he graduated high school, Rothkranz moved to Florida and entered the Ringling School of Art and Design. Faculty and students were impressed with his lifelike oil paintings. While in the art school, he taught night classes. He also did design work for various architecture firms on the side.

Rothkranz decided to go to Hollywood when he was 23 years old. He worked on set design and visual effects for several major motion pictures. He also worked in the commercial business for some well-known products. Rothkranz worked on design projects for videos of some famous musicians. At the same time, his oil paintings had an international following and they were being displayed in art galleries all over the world.

The turning point of his life occurred when he turned 30. Rothkranz left the glamour of Hollywood to find himself. After giving all his possessions away, he spent 40 days in the wilderness, alone and naked. Friends and family barely knew him when he returned. Rothkranz later wrote a book “Heal Yourself 101”, which chronicles the truths he learned in his desert experience. This book has brought him recognition as a natural healer.

Corn Chowder Recipe : Warm Raw Vegan Gourmet Delight

He did some more work in the film industry, including a fantasy called “To The Ends of Time”. Rothkranz helped with merchandising for many famous films. He partnered with Sega Pinball, as their number-one pinball game artist. He also stayed busy writing and developing film scripts.

Since 2006, Rothkranz has returned to promoting natural healing and optimal health. He has a YouTube video out that is considered the world’s top authority in raw food. It is called “Go Raw Now”. His book has made him a world-wide health guru. Rothkranz travels the globe to tout better health in body, mind, and spirit. He has written several other health books and has produced lifestyle DVDs. Some of his books include “Free Food Medicine” and “Heal Your Face”. A plethora of websites carries his products. He is dedicated to spreading the word of good nutrition and health.

10 Questions with Markus Rothkranz