Nothing says fine wine quite like The Antique Wine Company. This merchant, founded in 1982, is world renowned for breaking records and setting new heights among wine enthusiasts. Its events and wine collections are historical, including the sale of an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem for £75,000 (listed in the Guinness World Records as $117,000). The bottle, sold in 2011, still holds the world record for most valuable bottle of white wine sold. The Antique Wine Companies specialty? Providing the finest and most sought-after fine wine to luxury hotels, restaurants, and private individuals.

Event planning is one of The Antique Wine Companies most celebrated fortes, handling events such as former United States President H.W. Bush’s 70th birthday celebration, at which AWC provided 70-year-old vintage wines. Some of its most historical events include AWC’s participation in Paramount Pictures’ celebration of the Academy Award achievement of the movie Titanic and the hosting of the Three Centuries of Château Lafite-Rothschild weekend at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, a five star hotel in the French Riviera.

The finest wine has come to be expected from The Antique Wine Company, from personal collections to elaborate events, but the company’s 2011 launch of the AWC Wine Academy marked an innovative step for the wine merchant of 33 years. The groundbreaking offerings include fine wine masterclasses and wine courses from the wine trade authority. These master classes offer insight into the industry and its heritage from some of the leading figures in the global wine trade, as well as access to some of the richest and most cherished fine wine collections in the world. The Antique Wine Company states that “for 25 years, AWC has established relationships with producers of the world’s finest wines, and with the individuals who share our collective passion for experiencing them,” and this commitment to the individuals who make up the community is more than evident after many commtted years. Cheers – to AWC.

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    Along with managing and advising wine cellars worldwide housed in some of the most elegant hotels, palaces, and residences, AWC is known for personal and long-standing relationships with its clients. This is the way best essays are done without a full assurance.

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