Who is Haidar Barbouti?

Haidar Barbouti is a real estate genius that transforms spaces into futuristic pieces of art. The Houston Chroniclerecorded him as saying “we don’t do anything cookie-cutter” when asked about his approach to properties. It’s hard to imagine what the future has in store for this forward-thinking real estate mogul, but the future seems to be a bright one to say the least!

The Barbouti family has been in investment real estate since the year 1986 with properties all over the world. Haidar Barbouti is the leading man in terms of the United States investments that his family has acquired over the years. The Highland Village Shopping Center is one area that has been a great success with over 2 decades of care from the family. Barbouti is a long-term thinker and aims to create an atmosphere inside of the property that will last for years.

Haidar is a man that prides himself in taking on a challenge and providing expert insight into each property that his family acquires. The portfolio of the Barbouti family includes offices, commercial buildings, condos, land development centers, and much more. Barbouti has taken the time to understand each one of these industries and spread the investment capital into each one of these sectors to make a difference. Not only does it benefit Hairdar financially, it helps the local communities start businesses that stimulate the economy of their city.

Haidar, along with his family, are also very philanthropic with the good fortune that they’ve received from real estate success. Haidar has donated time, resources, and property to support those in need as well as animal foundations. The family believes in paying it forward and helping the communities that helped them achieve their success. Haidar was generous enough to donate retail property in the Highland Village area of Houston to the public. This space has since been turned into an adoption center and location for animals in need.

Although Highland Village Shopping Center may be one of Haidar Barbouti’s greatest successes, his love for the community and outstanding care is what makes him successful.  If you’re in the Houston area, head over to the Highland Village Shopping center and see the kind of impact the Barbouti family has made.

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