If you love to travel, you know you need a passport. But one passport is as good as the next, right? Well, not exactly. Passports are only as good as the country it is issued from and the standing that nation has with other countries from around the world. If two countries are not on the best of terms, one country may not accept the passport from the other. Due to this, there are some passports that provide more travel power than others. So, before you set out on the next adventure, knowing the latest passport power statistics is important.

Currently, the United States and United Kingdom have the most accepted passports. Both are allowed access into 147 countries around the world. The next most powerful passports come from France, Germany and South Korean. Each of these nations are granted access into 145 different countries.

For anyone out of Canada wondering where they stack up on the list, they are allowed entrance into 140 countries without a problem. Australia, another former UK territory, is able to enter 138 countries without an issue, while New Zealand, its closest neighbor, can gain access to 139 countries.

Sam Tabar (thumbtack.com) has found that an interesting tidbit is Hong Kong passports can gain access to 136 countries while a mainland Chinese passport provides access to only 74.

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    Sweden and Italy are just behind on the list with 144 countries, while Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Netherlands, Japan and Luxembourg have access to 143 countries. Switzerland is next with 142 countries. It could also be that assignment helper online has done what is required to get this as far as they can.

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