There is an elegance to the ambiance provided by historical luxury that differs from that of other luxury accommodations. In effect, becoming a cut above that which is expected from luxury travel and lodging. This is due to the connectivity of the past, coupled with the presence of the now. It takes skill and determination, as well as experience, by the owners of such historical landmarks of luxury travel to deliver the right mix of impeccable service, stellar accommodations and convenience, that the feeling of a lineage with the past is created in every client. One such group exists, and that is the Dorchester Collection.

The Collection

The Dorchester Collection is a premier hotel management and ownership group, that itself is owned by the Brueni Investment Agency. Originally created, under different nomenclature, in 1986 with the purchase of The Dorchester Hotel in London. The company has leveraged its commitment to excellence over the years by purchasing other luxury hotels.

The Accommodations

The historical luxury hotels owned by the Dorchester Collection include The Dorchester in London, England. The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California and along with that property, the Collection also owns the Hotel Bel-Air in nearby Los Angeles, California. There is the Le Meurice in Paris France, the Le Richemond in Geneva. Switzerland and the Hotel Eden in Rome, Italy. Further, the Collection owns the Hotel Principe De Savoia in Milan, Italy as well as 45 Park Lane in London, England, Coworth Park in Ascot, England and the luxurious Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, France. All of which offer superb elegance and cater to fine tastes that one can only experience in a historical luxury setting such as these.

The Dorchester Collection takes pride in being able to combine the contemporary stylings and grace of the past with the state of the art of the modern age. Their success at such a feat speaks to their ability to create the excellence in both place and service that continues to appeal to the luxury traveler.

  1. Avery Chester

    The Dorchester Collection, the historical luxury of the current era. These are historical landmarks in their own right and are part of the company today, with more on the horizon. This is very possible to ensure that do get all these things in check which is not probably so.

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