Observer reports many women go through the uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause and never really get relief until the process is over with. Hot flashes, digestive upset, mood swings and more can all be associated with this ‘change of life’. Many women have sought and found relief with more  natural treatment options including living a much more vegan lifestyle. It is important to seek some sort of relief as extreme symptoms can be an indication that a woman could experience something like stroke or heart attack because of these extreme hormonal changes. Depression can also be a major issue which can lead to an increased risk of suicide.

While there are prescription medications that are designed to eliminate menopausal symptoms, food and herbs can have the same effects but without the additional risks. Eliminating meat from the diet can make a big difference, while substituting more vegetables and fruits into the diet along with whole grains. Studies have shown that a diet high in fat can contribute to higher estrogen levels in the body which can exacerbate menopause symptoms. Even during pre-menopause, a diet high in fats can cause a more severe drop in estrogen when the menopause process officially begins. This results in more symptoms overall.

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    The most common diet among Asians is one that incorporates rice along with a rainbow of vegetables. Studies have shown that the Asian female population experiences less menopausal symptoms overall during their lifetime. There are some things that can attest to which is very common.

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