Bulletproof Coffee is the brain child of bio-hacker and entrepreneur Dave Asprey. In 2004, he was overweight and often felt mentally sluggish. During a trip to Tibet, he was given yak butter tea and found that he was mentally sharper and less physically exhausted with no altitude sickness. Upon his return stateside, he began to experiment with ingredients, hoping to rediscover that whole body energy. Eventually he found his magic recipe. Take a cup of low-toxin coffee, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter, and 1 to 2 tablespoons of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil that is derived from coconut oil.

Asprey is a firm believer in a diet that focuses more on fats, as healthy fats are essential to brain function. He also follows a pill and supplement regiment to maintain that mind-power and looks to bring more of those ideas to the masses.

He plans to soon open up a Bulletproof Coffee Cafe in Santa Monica. For breakfast, the only option is going to be the brain-boosting cup of Joe, as it is meant to be a meal replacement. Supplements will be available, though. Those looking for a midday boost will be able to choose from a lunch menu being provided by a full kitchen. Menu items at the Bulletproof Coffee Shop will include plenty of veggies and grass-fed or grass-finished meats, and healthy fats. Patrons can also stop in for dinner. Not in the mood for coffee? The menu also includes a variety of teas. Drink prices may be a bit steeper than your average cup of Starbucks, but the quality of beans and other ingredients is a little higher. The actual cost difference between Starbucks and Bulletproof Coffee is negligible when you weigh in these factors. You can take a look at what they are pouring up on their instagram account.

The medical community may be somewhat divided on the benefits, as they are any time that something new comes onto the scene. He can also cite studies that show that his dietary choices are good ones.

Celebrities and other coffee drinkers have heard about Bulletproof Coffee via word-of-mouth and have tried it, finding excellent results in mood and cognitive ability. Notable actors who love the drink include Jeremy Piven, Brandon Routh, Shailene Woodley, and Jimmy Fallon. Other famous drinkers include surfer Laird Hamilton and members of the LA Lakers.

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    The result is a 450-calorie energy-boosting, appetite-suppressing breakfast replacement. Asprey has been closely monitoring his health over the past several years and only shows improved health and weight loss. The way essay on time review did it in the past is still not very clear to me but I may see reasons to it now.

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