Numerous companies in the food industry have begun the tedious process of phasing out artificial colors, flavors, and dyes in the foods and ingredients that they manufacture. The cereal company General Mills has become one of the companies slated to make the same moves towards better nutrition. Count Chocula, Trix, and Lucky Charms are among a few of the cereals that General Mills will reform up front. The company plans on reforming all of their cereals but they want to get to the most popular ones first. The company wants to extinguish flavor iterations and artificial dyes from their cereals as soon as possible.

The company has given itself a deadline and has promised the public no artificial flavors or additives by the year 2017. The president of General Mills posted a YouTube video titled “A Big Commitment for our Cereals” to release this idea to the general public. The president knows that food has to look appealing in order for people to enjoy it. Laywerist reported that people eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouths. He is also going off of the new standard made by journalist Michael Pollan who lives under the standard don’t eat foods that contain ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

  1. Amy Edward

    The president wants to make sure that the cereals still have vibrant and fun colors. General Mills has made the progressive step forward be voluntarily reforming their popular cereal lineup. It may in that process that paper writing service have actually made it very clear that everything should work out well in return.

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