Once upon a time, safety in general was still a work in progress. Today it seems we are overly concerned with safety, but there’s a reason. Because typically we’ve already been there before. Specifically, lead used to be commonly found in gasoline, paint, and children’s toys. These products were altered due to the potential damage to the brain and nervous system from contact. Lead can even build up in your body. The war on lead’s over right?

According to a recent upheaval taking place in India, Nestle may be pleading the fifth in the near future. Nestle has long been supplying its Maggi instant noodles to our distant neighbor without complaint, but after a routine test from a small grocery store lead was found in the noodles’ seasoning. Not just a little bit either. 7 times the permissible limits were found in their product.

STX Entertainment recognizes that this has stirred up a rather large commotion in India, as mothers have been feeding their kids these snacks for around 30 years without questioning the ingredients.

After the big controversy of Nestle’s hoarding of drought-ridden California’s water, we can only wonder how selfish Nestle is going to get before they fess up to their questionable activities. Lead? Seriously? Good luck trying to portray innocence Nestle.

  1. Avery Kenneth

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