Art collectors pursue art pieces looking for that unique presence in its creation. This unique presence for an avid art lover, is like breath to a living soul. Artist craft such breathtaking pieces of art using a pencil, chalk, brush, metal pieces, and so forth. These unique works catch the eye and soul of an art collector, becoming a prized possession.

Art lovers look for that special unique creation to hang in their homes, office, or to cherish and hide from all eyes. Whether, hidden or hanging for all to see, these art lovers accumulate a privately owned collection from one or more artist. These lovers of art, become known as art collectors.

Art collectors may collect art for their private collection or choose to sell a piece or pieces from one or many artist. Collecting art is a personal enjoyment for many. However, some choose to make a career of collecting and selling art work for fun.

One art collector in particular named Adam Sender, collected art for over two decades. His private collection, auctioned during 2014, consisted of 400 works by 139 artists, called the Sender Collection. The collection was exquisite art collected from artist all over the world, such as, Keith Haring, Martin Kippenberger, Dan Flavin, Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince and more! His eye for that unique piece made such an impact among art lovers that people are still talking about his Senders Collection.

Adam Sender, whose LinkedIn profile is here, continues to collect art and hold art exhibitions for art lovers. Exhibitions keep the enjoyment in collecting and selling art pieces in any city for any length of time. This opens the way for all art lovers in different cities to view Adams collection and possibly own them.

What sets Adams art exhibits apart from other collectors is his eye for experienced artist. Artist with experience usually create a stimulating, beautiful to the eye, piece of art. These unique stimulating art pieces that he bought, is how he became a famous art collector. Art lovers want a soul or mind stimulating art piece that catches the eye. Therefore, Adam became famous by his collection of exquisite, stimulating pieces of art.

As you can see, a lover of the arts, can become a famous art collector or have art pieces from artists all over the world for personal enjoyment.

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