Purina PetCare was created in 2001 when the Nestle company purchased Ralston Purina. This large purchase was said to be upwards of ten billion dollars. Some of the products that this large pet food company sells are the popular Dog and Cat Chow brands. These brands can be found in most parts of the United States. Other brands that Purina PetCare produce are Pro Plan, Friskies and Alpo. The company also has a line of pet treats that can be found at most retail outlets. Whiskers Lickin’s is one of the companies best selling lines of pet treats and cats seem to really enjoy them.

As you can see via all the Purina news coverage, they are active in dog shows and a have built a ten million dollar event center. Hosting the annual Westminster dog show, Purina PetCare is the official sponsor of the event. The company is also very active in charity work. A Pet Care Pride Day is ran by the company each year and all of there employees are encourage to do volunteer work. Workers are also allowed to bring there pets to work with them and many of them take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Having dogs and cats in the work environment, really helps employees relax and studies have shown that this actually improves productivity.

This employee friendly company, has a very large campus for workers to enjoy. On the 50 acre campus, there are on-site gyms complete with personal trainers, that are free of change to anyone who works at the company. Medical coverage is also provided to full time employees. Purina PetCare is one of the best places to work and the company has a low turnover rate of just five percent. The company has received lots of praise for the way they handle employee relations and many of its workers have been with them for years.

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