Doe Deere is a talented, experienced business executive. Good looking and soft spoken with an adorable Russian accent, this Brooklyn, New York based entrepreneur is best known for her incredibly popular line of cosmetics known as Lime Crime. The cosmetics line is known for its bright colors, ease of use, and its ability to remain in place all day and night. Even Lime Crime’s packaging, with its bright pink unicorns, is a status symbol. Doe Deere on pinterest has used the internet to grow her company from obscurity to one of the most talked about cosmetics lines in the world today.

One of the things that set Doe Deere apart is her ability to use social media to communicate directly with consumers and fans and market her products. While many company founders hide and have hired staff do their promotions, Doe Deere regularly speaks directly to the public through Twitter and Facebook. It has made her extremely popular with the counter-culture crowd. She’s even gone as far as to post YouTube video of the process she uses to create some of her products. This too has helped to increase her fame because many of her competitors hold their production process as a highly guarded secret.

After a stint in fashion school and working as a model, fashion designer, and musician, she set her sights on the cosmetics industry. The rest, as they say, is history. She came out with guns blazing, proclaimed herself Queen of the Unicorns, and set about making and marketing a line of cosmetics millions of fashion forward followers have embraced. The colors she uses are unforgettable. They enable wearers to easily stand out in a crowd. While the majority of her customers are young, she has also made inroads into the young-at-heart market as well. Many older people proudly wear the bold colors of her Lime Crime cosmetics line.

Her company’s innovative packaging, garish colors, and take no prisoners style has led to Lime Crime’s meteoric rise. Doe Deere’s story is the epitome of the American Dream. She has been able to rise from humble beginnings to worldwide fame and a growing fortune through hard work, creativity, and a never say die attitude. She has turned the internet into her own personal marketing machine which has allowed her to get her products into the minds and on to the faces of a wide range of people worldwide. And there seems to be no end in sight for this plucky young business executive.

While her company is relatively new, it has already inspired legions of young businesspeople to use the internet to pursue their dreams. She has reinvented herself numerous times and has been able to turn seeming failure into spectacular success because of her vision and drive to succeed. Doe Deere is the perfect example of a businessperson that refuses to fail. Now she is well on her way to using the internet and her outrageous but very effective marketing methods to create a multimillion dollar company.

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