Houston has a very healthy real estate market, with prices in 2015 reaching record highs. The Houston real estate market is a sellers market, seemingly unaffected by declining oil prices which usually leads to bad news in the Houston economy. Houston is experiencing slow but steady job growth and high rental rates are leading to demand for home ownership. As a result, renters become home buyers.

Haidar Barbouti is one of the top Houston area realtors. A Columbia graduate, he has spent his career in retail real estate. Homeowners and renters need shops to shop in and restaurants to eat in.

When he purchased the historic Highland Village in 1990, Mr. Barbouti brought in the first Starbucks in the Houston area. Highland Village was built in 1940 and named after the founders homeland of Scotland. Highland Village features a large Crate and Barrel and Williams and Sonoma stores as well as an Apple store which includes a briefing room for presentations to business customers.

Highland Village also has Up Restaurant, a third story restaurant with a large patio and open windows that overlook the Galleria. Up Restaurant is very popular and is know for serving real food – American classics.

As the Houston area creates more new jobs, Houston’s population continues to grow. Houston’s real estate market is healthy with multiple offers being common for properties. Sellers typically find their properties go from listing to sold in approximately 6 weeks. Relocation buyers are recommended to obtain mortgage precertification.

Some of the relocation buyers are people who previously lived in Houston and are seeking to return. Business Insider named Houston the best city in America, citing the thriving job market and low cost of living, good news for the Houston real estate market.

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