Wikipedia Editing
Wikipedia contributions are anonymous and are available for anyone to edit. Therefore, there are thousands of errors, typos and incorrect information scattered across Wikipedia writers on Get Your Wiki. Fortunately, anyone can edit and revise these errors, allowing genuine and reliable information to continue to be built and spread across the world in a collaborative effort. Editing is just as important as contributing new information. Here are some ways that you can edit articles on Wikipedia to increase their value and credibility.

Editing Screens

The edit screen is opened by clicking the “edit” tab on the top of the chosen Wikipedia page. Wiki Markup is an editing tool to help correct common errors, but there is also VisualEditor, a more user-friendly option to make corrections. Style guidelines specific to Wikipedia are available so that users can make the proper corrections. Writing on Wikipedia is not opinionative, argumentative or news-like, but are meant to be factual and straightforward.

Making Minor Edits

Minor edits are intended to correct grammatical errors and typos. Because they are mainly superficial, minor edits do not require revision to be officially made. Minor edits may appear “minor,” but they are significant to maintain the quality of Wikipedia.

Making Major Edits

Sometimes there are large errors needing correction. Most major edits should be discussed on the discussion page to ensure understanding and proper work. Major edits are reviewed to make sure they are consensually agreed upon by all those interested. Any correction changing the meaning of a sentence, even a single word, is considered a major edit. Often, if the correct procedure of using tags and discussion pages are ignored, your hard work and major edits can be further revised and edited by other editors or the initial poster.

Get Your Wiki

The writers are professionals who understand the formatting and regulations of Wikipedia pages, ensuring the referencing is done appropriately. Get Your Wiki provides a guarantee of a full refund if your page is removed, giving you peace of mind they will get the job done and do it well. The business will also consistently monitor your page to sustain credibility through any potentially incorrect additions users might make. Get Your Wiki will translate your page into any language you require, helping you to reach more of your audience.

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