I used to like to use the Skout application for dating, especially since I could use it when I was on the road. I would be on the application several hours throughout the day, and I was able to find guys that seemed interesting to me. Although I did like the dating aspect of using the Skout network, I eventually got tired of it, and I figured that I could use the network for something better. I’ve dated at least three different guys that I met on the Skout network, but nowadays I only use the Skout network to help build up my business.

Skout is a great place to find buyers for products. As a business person, I use the Skout network for many different reasons, but I no longer feel the need to look for a date on the network. I like to make dog clothing, and even though I have my own website, I use the Skout network as a way to recruit people who are interested in the clothing. I was also looking for people who may know how to make dog clothing so I can expand my business.

I love the Skout network because it’s very easy to navigate, and I’ll sit on the network chatting to people throughout the night. Most of the times I use my cell phone or tablet to talk on the Skout network because I can take it anywhere with me. The Skout application is one of the most used applications on my mobile devices. I’ll be out on the road and I can use the Skout application anytime I feel, and I have to say that I really like the “shake to chat” feature. Although I’m strictly about business when I’m on Skout these days, I sometimes stray and chat with others.

I came up with a great idea for some dog clothing, but I wanted to run it past some consumers that may be interested. I always try to test out my products before I put them on my website, and I do this because I want people to like what I’m selling. I put together somewhat of a focus group on the Skout network, and I let people know that was looking for their opinion. The few people that join the group were able to text me their opinion after I sent the pictures of the products.

I was very proud when all of the people came back saying that the clothes were very cute, and I was nearly beside myself. I think that using the Skout network to find business partners as well as people to buy my products has been a great idea. Skout has really helped to bring more business to my company, and I’ve even made some friends along the way. There’s a lot of things I can do on Skout, and I would suggest that anyone who has a business should join the Skout network to help them promote it.

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