The 21st century has Stephen and Steven who didn’t think outside the box, they threw the box away. They decided to make mobile access to the internet, making phone calls, texting and taking care of business as easy as walking down the street. The IT computer savvy duo listened to the publics’ frustrations of not being able to find a Wi-Fi hot spot when it was needed. These same computer geniuses shared the same problem along with paying a high monthly bill for internet service.
So what did these remarkable inventors do? They designed and developed a system and devices that could access the internet and Wi-Fi hot spots across the nation charging a significantly smaller fee than the present companies.
Their diamond in the rough became a sparkling jewel and Freedom Pop made its debut in 2011.
How FreedomPop makes Life Easier
The company decided to design the electronic gadgets that we love to own that are small and easy to carry and remember to take the charger.
* The freedom Spot Photon to check your email and free Wi-Fi for eight devices.
* The Freedom Spot Overdrive Pro can handle a heavy work load using the net where the company has a paid plan for unlimited talk, text and the option to add high speed data service.
* The Freedom Sleeve Rocket is only compatible with the iPod Touch 4G and the case slides on and can be used as an iPhone, access the internet, stream music or watch videos anywhere.
* The Freedom Stick called the Bolt will provide the internet instantly from any USB connection on your PC or MAC.
* Free mobile broadband service is offered with the new LTE phones with 500 megabytes of data per month, 200 voice calls and 500 texts.
FreedomPop remembered the owners of android devices and designed the app called the FreedomPop Free Voice and Text. This is absolute convenience. You can download and sign up for service using the app. This will allow you to access your voicemail, make calls, free voice and text messages. Another perk that is offered is being able to ask for a phone number just to use for the app.
FreedomPop was founded by CEO Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar in Los Angeles, California in 2011. Their unique ideas and plans were taken seriously by the venture capital management groups that back entrepreneurs. The Mangrove Capital Partners and the Doll Company Management or DCM raised 7.5 million in July of 2012 and 4.3 million in July of 2013. Partech Ventures and the Axiata Management Team came on board with 10 million in July of 2015. These companies are the experts in their respective fields to help FreedomPop achieve success.

FreedomPop has raised 59 million in financing within the past three years.
In October of 2012 FreedomPop only sold hot spots and then became partners with Sprint in April 2013 to expand their coverage with 3G and 4G Sprint compatible devices.
The following year in October 2013 FreedomPop offered a beta free mobile plan for text, data and voice service and in November the free mobile phone service plan was in operation. The United Kingdom or UK were given the same opportunities to have free text and mobile data at their fingertips. The purchase of a sim card would be necessary for phone service.
Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar are well versed in the meaning and understanding of supply and demand and especially convience.

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