While Ashley Madison was recently hacked and lots its users’ personally identifiable details leaked, the crime has sent a wake-up call to many individuals and firms. The hack just highlighted the vulnerability of everyone’s privacy and important data online and what if you are the next. The damage has already been done, and it’s upon Ashley Madison to assess the extent of the damage and think of the most efficient way of clearing the mess.

Following the crime, online crisis-fixing firm, Status Labs chose to offer free ‘crisis communication’ counseling services. The free services were only meant to advise the victims especially given the magnitude of the damage. Status Labs has been getting immense inquiries from business executives, lawyers, business owners, and individuals all afraid of personal and business losses. They want to organize for the best way to protect their information from the danger that’s lurking out there. But who are Status Labs?

Status Labs is premier digital marketing, public relations, and online reputation management firm with offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo. Besides fixing common online crises, they are majorly involved in digital marketing and public relations strategy. Status Labs have over 1500 clients spread across over 35 countries, showing that more people are aware of the problems that arise with having a vast number of clients online.

Darius Fisher is the current president of this digital marketing firm and has been constantly warning of the risks associated with storing important data online. Whether you are an employee, investor, client, or just a simple internet user, you ought to have a damage control plan, and they’ll do it for you when you engage them. Darius Fisher is a widely traveled and highly experienced online entrepreneur and draws his huge pool of skills from many years spent online. Before starting what is today’s many people’s solution to online marketing and fixing online problems, he was a copywriter, a political consultant, and litigation support executive in many different firms. He’s a bachelor’s degree holder in Economics from Vanderbilt University and has been tirelessly offering advice on the best way to avoid being a victim of online data theft.
While the storm that is Ashley Madison data theft is settling, he offers some best ways to prevent future embarrassment. Clearly, with the online world rapidly expanding with many sites requiring your data, his advice are not just vital but will prove critical before meeting similar predicaments. You just have to get your digital house in order.

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