As El NiƱo continues to influence the weather, avid skiers are hoping for that dream, filled ski season brought by the cooler climate now setting in across the nation.

The past few years have been somewhat of a disappointment in some areas around the country with warmer than usual temperatures and a shortage of the white stuff. An early snow would create the ski vacation of a lifetime for many that enjoy the thrill of racing through snow filled trails.

Ski Season can be summed up in one word, Fun. This is a time of the year when skiing, snowboarding and many other winter sports abound. Resorts consider it ski season when ski lifts are running from early winter to late spring with dates changing as the weather permits. Normally in the United States the season usually last from late November to early April but some better know resorts in Colorado and California maintain viable skiing conditions as late as the 4th of July.

Although there are many ski resorts in the United States, one stands out in customer service. Under President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andrew Wirth has been instrumental in bringing Squaw Valley ski resort back as one of the top resorts in the US. Formerly host to the 1960 Winter Olympics Squaw Valley underwent a $70 million renovation under the supervision of Wirth and is rated in the top 20 percent for customer service satisfaction. Recently Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows merged offering over 6000 acres of skiable terrain to their visitors in Olympic Valley, north of Lake Tahoe in California.

Andrew (Andy) Wirth has experience working in the resort and hotel industry for over twenty-five years beginning in 1986 with Steamboat Springs Resort in a marketing position with that corporation. By 2007, Andrew was appointed Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Intrawest upon acquiring Steamboat. His success led to his present position at Squaw Valley, where he was featured on a 2013 episode of the TV show Undercover Boss. Not only is Mr. Wirth an astute businessman, but also a genuine philanthropist with many awards attributed to his giving nature. He was awarded the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award from the Reno-Tahoe Airport

Authority as well as the Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA among other prestigious recognition.

Consequently, this year’s ski season is hoped to be a landmark year with the aid of Andrew Wirth and others who love the sport. Patrons of ski resorts can continue to look for exceptional customer service as the snow falls in the next few months as well as plenty of fun.

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