Bruce Levenson is a former NBA team owner, an American Businessman and was the founding partner of Atlanta Hawks LLC which operates Atlanta Hawks basketball team. In 1977, Levenson also co-founded United communications Group(UCG)with Mr. Ed Peskowitz and is with the company for 27 years and he continues to drive UCG’s business strategy. Prior to founding UCG, Mr. Levenson wrote for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He was a board member and on the board of directors for Tech target, a media company. Levenson born in Washington DC and grew up in Chevy chase, Maryland. He graduated from Law school at America University. He began his Journalism carrier while at Law school at Washington star.
In 1977, Levenson and Peskowitz started the company United Communication groups(UCG).
UCG is a business information company whose specialty is in data, analysis and news for industries like Healthcare, technology, telecommunications, mortgage banking and energy. Gas buddy a mobile application which assists.
Atlanta Hawks: Atlanta Hawks LLC was formed in 2004 to buy Atlanta hawks from Turner a broadcasting company. Atlanta hawks owned by a group of businessman who own Atlanta Hawks professional Basketball team. The majority partners of Atlanta Hawks LLC are Levenson and Ed Peskowitz. Danny Ferry was hired by Levenson in 2012 as Hawks General manager of basketball operations.
Levenson and his wife accompanied the Hawks basketball team to Washington, D.C. Holocaust museum in 2014. Levenson later in 2014 announced that he was planning to sell his share of his ownership group. With the help of an investment banking firm Levenson is is coordinating the sale of the team. Bankers for Levenson oversold Atlanta Hawks by 27%
Levenson hired Goldman Sachs and inner circle sport to sell Atlanta Hawks basketball team and Operating Rights to Philips Arena after being convinced by Goldman Sachs that the team could be sold for at least $ 1 billion. Many people thought that $1 billion was not unrealistic. Two front-runners are emerging for the ownership of the Atlanta hawks are emerging while plants to sell the franchise continued into the seventh month. The deadline was set for April 10 for the final bids.
The Group led by Ares Management LP’s co-founder Tony Ressler with $730 million bid won the auction. Levenson will certainly make a big profit with the sale of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and Philips Arena.

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