Many new dog owners remain puzzled about the best way to feed the new addition to their family. There is no doubt that dogs who are obese have more health problems and the easiest way to treat this problem is to stop it in the beginning. Owners can do this by following these helpful feeding tips.
Feed Two Times a Day
While it may seem convenient to sit a dog bowl down on the floor and let the dog graze whenever it is hungry, this is one of the primary factors leading to obesity in dogs. Instead, it is best to feed adult dogs two times a day. Choose one time in the morning and another time in the evening that is convenient to you. Stick to the same schedule every day. Fill the dog’s bowl and watch the clock. When 20 minutes is over, remove the food until the next scheduled feeding time. If you are trying to housebreak the dog, feeding on a schedule makes this an easier proposition, because the dog will need to go out about 20 to 30 minutes after it has eaten.
Ignore the Dog that Does Not Eat
Assuming that the dog behaves normally, it is best to ignore a dog that will not eat. Many owners fall prey to a game where the dog does not eat, so the owner opens the refrigerator and starts feeding it human food. This is never a good idea, since the dog does not get the proper nutrition that it needs. Dog foods, like Purina’s Beneful, are carefully balanced to provide the right amount of each nutrient. If owners open the refrigerator and start feeding the dog, then the dog sees this as a game, and the owner will always come out the loser. Dogs can go several meals without eating and still be healthy, however, it is important to watch the dog for other signs of illness.
Feed each Dog in its own Bowl
Each dog needs to recognize that the owner is providing the Beneful food for that dog. Therefore, it is necessary to feed each dog in its own bowl. When the dog is done eating, then pick up the bowl. If food is left in the bowl, do not allow other dogs to eat from the bowl.
Dealing with Food Aggression
Food aggression can be a problem for all dogs, but especially those who have been rescued. Most dogs get over food aggression when they realize that they will be fed on a regular basis. Sometimes an owner can speed up the process by putting a dog on a leash and leading it away from the food bowl. Then, leading it back to the dog bowl, as this shows the dog that its food will still be there.
Beneful, along with its parent company Purina, operates Purina Farms where they work with many rescued dogs. Therefore, they have the experience that owners can rely on to feed their dogs properly.

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