If you are not familiar with what “Flipora” is or what it does, picture yourself at your computer or smart phone using a search engine to find content on the internet that you would like to see. We are all aware that one possible problem with the world wide web is not whether or not the information you want is out there. The real problem now days is that there is so much information out there, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack situated in a field of haystacks which is also among a thousand other fields of haystacks. The information is out there. It’s just hidden among so much information that you simply would not have enough time to sort it all out even if you had two lifetimes. Typical search engines are all about the things you type in to the search engine query field. Change a few words in that query and you are likely to get completely different results. It leaves you feeling like you may need a search engine to sort out what results you get from your search engine just to be sure that the results are more tailored to you personally. Enter “Flipora”.

Flipora is a “Discovery engine”. What does that mean to you? While typical search engines are all about algorithms and the literal words you typed in to the search bar right at that moment, Flipora is all about learning from you what you like. This allows Flipora to tailor online search results to things that you personally may like to see. This helps cut through the clutter caused by the information overload that most search engine users experience when searching for content online. Flipora is an artificial intelligence. It learns who you are and what you want.

If you are thinking that this sounds like a great idea, you are not alone. Aside from its millions of users, Flipora also has been attracting serious financial backing. According to a Forbes article in June of 2015, Flipora received $3 million in 2010 to develop its artificial intelligence idea. Now, Flipora has received another $1.5 million to throw at its development, which will include an app to bring the experience to mobile users.

Some ideas come along that, at the outset, don’t seem to get the acknowledgment as to their usefulness in our every day lives. Fast forward to a few years later and we find ourselves wondering how we ever lived without them. Other ideas come along after the need is painfully obvious. Flipora is the latter. Along with ideas like “Siri” on our smart phones and “Pintrest”, Flipora addresses an obvious need that the internet user has. We need personalization. We need to cut through the numbers, equations and stacks of information and get to the content online that is pertinent to us personally. With serious backing and a serious user following, Flipora is positioned to fill that need for more and more users around the world.

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