The sport of Lacrosse for centuries has been play by all for the sheer thrill of being injured getting the score to win the game. With the roots dating back to pre colonial America the sport has shown both the need for skill and blunt force trauma to make the win. So with that in mind if your still interested in joining a local or school team their are places that will get you ready. So let’s start where you make your next move my fellow players.

The Camp
The Next Level Lacrosse Camp based out of Colorado is a fairly new youth sport camp that offers children of qualify age to master or form their skill. If you’re asking who is going to train your child do not worry. The camp is operated by the best players in the country with other star athletes to give you kid the insight he or she needs. The camp also holds the best equipment that will best be used for your future athletes need to develop in both body and mind.

The Founder
How did all of this start by the way? I am glad you asked because the man who gave birth to this wonderful idea of progression in youth sport is the great lacrosse player and aviation guru Jon Urbana. This man since 2004 has been breaking college records in the sport with earning countless awards with the NCAA. Even before college he was proving his worth in high school with several letters from major college programs even in tennis. After he began to slow down his career he moved it into a different direction to build the skill of future players. So when you ask yourself is my child being trained by a man who knows the nature of the game by heart the answer will be yes.

Wrap Up
Now that you know what your kid is getting into why not give him or her a future with this great sport. Now if you’re wondering if this program is going to be cheap the answer is no but as long as you give your kid the chance it will be more then worth it. With the best athletes and tools that this country can offer your child will enjoy their experience no matter what they might be expecting. So if the answer is yes do not wait fall sign ups are now starting on their official site so what are you still doing here get going so you can have the house to yourself. I hope this information has put you at ease so enjoy my fellow players and keep the proud sport going for more centuries to come. Good luck my friends and Good day everyone.

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