Shaygan Kheradpir is a unique character in the world of corporate America. Shaygan started as an engineer who wanted to make great technology, but he ascended quickly through the ranks of his company to make a name for himself in the executive offices. This move to the executive offices of what would become one of the world’s largest phone companies changed the way hiring of technology professionals happened in corporate America, and Shaygan became an example for those who study the sciences in college. #1: Where Did Shaygan Begin? Shaygan began his career as an engineer who received his undergraduate and two graduate degrees in engineering at Cornell University. His academic record alone distinguishes him from most people in corporate America today, but Shaygan began his corporate life wirking for GTE Labs. Shaygan on twitter was working on projects at GTE Labs, and his projects were technological in their focus. The company was producing communication products, but the focus did not change until the company merged with partners to create Airtouch and Verizon. #2: Verizon’s Productivity Verizon quickly became a force at Verizon who ran a team of engineers working on new cell phones and communication devices. Shaygan was so efficient at his job that he created a brand new prototype process for the company. His team was working around the clock to create as many products as possible, and his prototype plan was adopted across the industry quickly. Prototypes for Shaygan’s team only had 30 days to come to the table. The prototypes were tested, his test was told to move on to the next product as quickly as possible. This process helped Verizon create products before other companies could, and there was no way for the competition to copy Verizon. Verizon moved so fast that they notched several firsts in the industry. #3: Moving To The Corporate Offices Shaygan was quickly promoted to an executive vice president position at Verizon where he stayed for some time. He managed many teams under him who were using the same processes he created, and he was the first person in the industry to become an executive from the technology side of a business. The engineers and other technicians were relegated to their teams, but Shaygan opened the door for these brilliant minds to work in management. #4: Other Ventures Shaygan left Verizon to work for Barclay’s where he spent a brief time managing finances for their company. He moved on to Juniper Networks where he hopes to use his engineering magic to update the company’s profile. Juniper is an amazing company that has the potential to change the world communicates with itself, and Shaygan was brought in to give the company a fresh voice. Someone who holds a doctoral degree in engineering is not often found running major corporations, but Shaygan has done just that. His career path gives hope to technicians who want to get into management, and his life is proof that someone with a passion for science can make a massive impact on the world.

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