In Dallas, Highland Capital Management had announced in a press interview that the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund won an award that was dedicated to HFM US Hedge Performances. This award was given to them thanks to the 40 Act fund equity category. They said that their Dallas-based investment management firm has around $20 billion in assets that they are managing right now. Jame Dondero, the CO-Founder and President had stated that the award was a testament to the companies well earned experience and expertise when it comes to investing in the healthcare industry. Highland Capital Management was founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. Highland is able to offer some alternative investments, such as emerging markets, natural resources and long/short equities all throughout market capitalizations in the healthcare industry. This award means that Highland Capital Management is doing their job and are our ranking their peers by far.

James Dondero aka, Jim, lives in Dallas Texas and is the and helped to build Highland Capital Management, making him the co-founder and president. He currently takes on the job of taking care of the investment strategies and operations for retail and institutional products for the Highland Capital Management company. Jim has around 30 years of experience in terms of credit markets. He was one of the people who originally pioneered the Collateralized Loan Obligation.

Mr. Dondero went to the University of Virginia to study in accounting and financing. He was certified as a Management accountant and now is able to oversee the Chartered Financial Analyst. Jim has also been appointed as a person in the Board of Directors for MGM Studios and American Banknote. Mr. Dondero has just announced the hiring of Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products. This means that Terry will be reporting to Jim. Mr. Jones has over 25 years of experience when it comes to the financial services industry and so he is a perfect fit for the job.

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