One Life to Live is a national treasure among TV programs today. Premiering in 1968, in the fictional town of Llanview, PA, One Life to Live focusses on three families, in particular. It ran for 45 seasons on ABC before being cancelled in 2012. Now showing on a 30-minute web series via The Online Network, fans can still get their fill of the popular daytime hit.

In 2009, a new face debuted in the form of Stacy Morasco, played by Crystal Hunt. Crystal was not new to TV however, with previous experience in daytime roles. Her character worked as a stripper in Vegas, who ultimately wanted to steal Rex Balsom away from her sister, Gigi. They eventually had a one night stand that resulted in a pregnancy, which she later miscarried. Not wanting to lose out on the relationship with Rex, she tricked Oliver Fish into sleeping with her; gets pregnant, and tries to pass this pregnancy off as the first one with Rex. Of course, in classic soap opera fashion, the lies continue to build; she gives birth to Sierra Rose, and later falls through the ice to her death at Llantano Lake.

Crystal Hunt’s time on One Life to Live ran for nearly three years after her most recognized role on Guiding Light. Brooklyn To Manhattan, Sydney White and The Derby Stallion are just some other titles she’s been in. In 2005, Hunt was nominated for both, and Daytime Emmy, and a Soap Opera Digest Award. When not working, she enjoys singing, horseback riding, boating, and volleyball, and is also the official Ambassador for ChildHelp USA. Most recently, Hunt has been seen on Queens of Drama and the sequel to Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL. Hunt can now add Producer, to her list of accolades, after producing Talbot County,an Alfred Hitchcock horror film inspired by a true story.

One Life to Live didn’t just impact Crystal Hunt’s life and social media following, or the many dozens of other actor’s lives; it impacted America. With one of the first inter-racial relationships and numerous other subjects pertinent to the times, One Life to Live will always be a fixture for what daytime is today, thus making it a National treasure to TV viewers everywhere.

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