The Beneful range of pet foods were initially developed in 2001 and quickly grew to become one of the top five pet food brands in the world in little to no time. The range of dog foods available from Beneful include both wet and dry foods, plus a full range of dog treats that are designed to make sure every dog leads the healthiest, active lifestyle possible. There are many different products available from Beneful that make it simple and easy to find the perfect product for any dog from a puppy to an aging pet in need of specialist food products. Beneful offers eight different types of dry dog food, including those created for every dog to enjoy using natural ingredients. Specialist foods are also available that include the Beneful Originals brand that provides 100 percent of the nutrients a dog needs to be healthy and happy in their everyday life; not only does the Originals brand provide nutrients, but also allows a dog to enjoy their favorite flavors from chicken to beef and salmon. Other options for pet parents to buy for their dogs include the Healthy range of products, which includes the Healthy Puppy dry food providing all the requirements any puppy could need. Not every dog enjoys dry foods and many pet parents hope to provide wet foods for their dog to enjoy at every meal. The Beneful range of wet food includes the Chopped Foods brand that is enjoyable for all to enjoy with natural ingredients that are chopped to be manageable for any age of dog. The Beneful Medley range is a popular option as it combines the wholesome goodness of natural foods and flavors combined with savory sauces that will make any dog look forward to their next meal. It is also important for all dogs to also have the chance to enjoy the best treats that can be used to keep a dog happy and healthy. The Beneful range on Facebook makes use of the natural ingredients each dog requires to stay happy and healthy with flavors that entice them to spend some time chewing their tasty treats. Beneful has a range of treats that includes the Healthy Smile brand that includes bones, ridges, and twists that are made from natural ingredients and promote healthy teeth.

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