Not every wealthy man is out to be as greedy as possible. It is true that some men are able to be successful because they do good for the customer, and that is exactly what Charles Koch is trying to show in an interview that is one in a line of meetings with journalists to reveal what he really feels about the way things are being handled in Washington.

Koch recently released a book titled “Good Profit” where he lays out a framework for business management based on doing good for the customer and workers. Koch believes that there are many businesses out there that may not be bad but just can’t make it in the current marketplace whereby needing government assistance. These companies are creating bad profit because they use government money in order to create innovations and new technologies that are just not supported by the marketplace alone.

When he sat down with one on one with Yahoo Finance the brother, who graduated with 3 degrees from MIT, spoke about how corporate welfare is the root of many issues with the government today. When the people’s money is being put to use in private businesses it is taking away from potential uses where funds are desperately needed creating a need for higher taxes and higher debts.

Koch will not even speak about any individual politician as he sees the run up to the election being too long and costly. There is no need to be spending this much money on any election and Koch understands this fact. When asked about Donald Trump, Koch twice refused to answer about his support noting that his brother had mentioned one person’s name and the press went crazy with it.

For now, Koch is working with President Obama to try and find some common ground. Their hopes are to cut back on the budget that has so drastically gotten out of control. This is not the first time the two have agreed, noting that they both felt strong about non-violent crimes and reducing punishment.

With a gridlocked congress and so many heavy issues hitting the federal government at one time, it’s important that the two parties can come together and progress this country in the right direction. It seems like if congress cannot do the job perhaps someone like Charles Koch can help create the groundwork for movement into a new era of government.

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