The athletic fashion movement started in the 1970s. Nike founder Phil Knight saw an opportunity and he took it. Running became an exciting new American pastime and Knight gave runners what they needed. A running shoe that was designed in America and made for competing in marathons. The Nike running shoe opened the door for American fashion ingenuity.

Instead of dressing like men in Europe, American men started dressing like athletes. T-shirts that were promotional items in the 1970s were in demand and sport companies gave men what they wanted. A new fashion industry was born and men across the country fell in love with it.

But even though athletic fashion was popular, men still hated going to retail stores to purchase the shirts, italian shoes and sweats that made them look trendy. It wasn’t the trend that true fashionistas wore, but it was fashion that was easy to buy and easier to wear. Running shoes became the new “dress shoe” and t-shirts were the new “dress shirt.” That trend continued and still continues in certain markets, but the fashion tide is turning.

Men are finally dressing up again, but this time they are buying dress clothes instead of having the women in their life buy clothes for them. Running shoes are still in demand, but thanks to Paul Evans Footwear, true dress shoes are trending around the country. Paul Evans Footwear has brought the 5-eyelet wing-tip and the 4-eyelet pointed-toed dress shoe back, and men are buying them online. The Internet has helped men shop, and Paul Evans Footwear is making shopping easy for them.

Paul Evan Footwear designers develop footwear styles for men in New York, and the styles are produced in their factory in the south of Italy. Men can order one pair or more than one pair and get them directly from the Paul Evans factory. Paul Evans clients get fashionable shoes that are made with quality components, and they fit. The Paul Evans Footwear line has a style for every man and the designers update the line in fall and spring.

According to an article published by Business, the Internet is turning men into shoppers. Men are shopping for shoes and clothes on the Internet because it’s easy to do, and no is second guessing their choices. After all, fashion is individual art and men are becoming more creative in their clothing selections. Men finally realize that fashion accessories, clothes, and shoes put their creativity on display.

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