Beauty is one of the most fascinating topics. Many people love beauty. However, there are some people that will pretend to not like physical beauty in order to sound enlightened. However, looking good does not have to be a bad thing. At the same time, the issue is not in looking good, it is trying to meet a narrow standard of beauty. The unfortunate fact is that not everyone is going to meet those rare standards. In fact, the people who meet these standards are actually quite rare. This causes the people that are outside of the narrow scope of beauty to feel left out. Fortunately, there are people that are standing up against that narrow scope.

Among the people that are standing against this narrow standard is Wendy Huang, known as Wengie. She runs her channel based on beauty. In her channel, she addresses the importance of experimentation in order to stand out. For one thing, if everyone looked like everyone else, then people would get bored. It is important for people to be able to find their own look instead of trying to look like someone else. If she finds a look that she is satisfied with, then she will find someone who will like her for who she is.

Wengie has used YouTube effectively for fame. While she could’ve made an absurd and controversial video for viral views, she has decided to take the time and put in the work to promote her channel the old fashioned way. She has interacted with many users in the community in order to bring attention to her channel. She has also been able to push through any negative comments that she could have read and stuck to the support of her friends and fans. Wengie is a great example of someone who has achieved fame through honest work.

Wengie is one of a few YouTube personalities that people could look to for encouragement when it comes to finding their own sense of beauty. Not only does experimentation bring about new looks, it also encourages others to bring out their own looks. For one thing, it also inspires diversity. As more forms of beauty are recognized, more people are made to feel good about themselves. One aspect of beauty that is important is expression. One has to be able to express herself so that she can not only come to realize her own beauty, but also feel good about herself.

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