Mackie Research Capital analyst Russel Stanley viewed the Nobilis Health corporation as “an undervalued play on increasing demand for surgical procedures flowing from an aging population and the prevalence of obesity.” In other words, the company is growing at a high, organic rate. Nobilis Health Corpotation is primarily a health care service provider that operates outpatient surgery and surgical centers throughout the U.S. This includes locations in Texas such as Dallas and Houston. Their trained specialists can conduct a variety of surgical procedures in the following areas:
• Spine Surgery
• General surgery and pain management
• Orthopedic surgery
• Podiatry
• Gastroenterology
• Otolaryngology
Their patient recruitment, direct-to-consumer marketing (digital and traditional), merging/acquisitions, and partnerships contributed to the company’s success towards optimizing their services and providing every patient with high-quality care. Origin Originally known as Northstar Health Inc., the company changed its name to Nobilis Health Corporation in order to avoid conflict with companies and funds performing exchanges under the name of “Northstar.” Under the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the company began to trade under a dual listing of “NHC” and “Nobilis Health Corp,” during the beginning of 2015.
Recent Updates with GE Captial Due to the outstanding debt faced by Nobilis Health care, including $12 million dollars in sellers notes, the company is in critical need of financial support. On April 2, 2015, They closed a $25 million financial debt facility with GE capital, a well-known capital provider that distributed approximately $10.5 billion dollars according to Google Finance across 200-300 transactions in the health-care market, throughout 2014. The funding consists of a $20 million term loan and a $5 million revolving loan at LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate. Several advantages towards using the loan are covering several debts in the company and reducing borrowing costs.

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