George Soros is a successful hedge fund manager who ranks as the wealthiest hedge fund billionaire on Forbes. He is always willing to make known his thoughts concerning political matters and the global economy. His predictions and prognostications are known to move the market. This is despite him not taking an active role in the market. Currently, Mr. Soros is a top contributor to the politics of the U.S. He stands with liberal candidates as well as liberal causes.

George Soros made headlines in an interview during the World Economic Forum in Davos. Speaking to Francine Lacqua from Bloomberg TV, Mr. Soros made headlines in the political arena by saying that Donald Trump, a U.S. presidential candidate, was carrying out the work of ISIS. He said this while pointing at the anti-immigration vitriol that has been perpetrated by Mr. Trump’s campaign. Mr. Trump has gone on to rise in the primary polls of the Republican Party.

George Soros also went on to express similar critique to another candidate, Ted Cruz. He also predicted that Hilary Clinton would, through a landslide victory, win the general elections. Ideas such as closing the U.S. borders in a bid to keep out Muslims that are being propagated by the Trump campaign might leave Muslims with the impression that the only alternative they have is terrorism. Mr. Soros also pointed out that ISIS were losing the battle, with much of the territory they had captured being reclaimed by Iraqi and Syrian governments.

The growth of ISIS and the crumbling experienced by the Middle East have contributed to the creation of a crisis for Europe, according to George Soros. Angela Merkel made an error in judgement by giving refugees entry into her country. This was a risk that she took with her political capital and ended up losing. However, Mr. Soros showed optimism that European powers, Germany included, would successfully integrate the migrants.

George Soros is a man who has gone through hardship to become the success he is today. Being one of the survivors of the Nazi occupation, Soros fled his native country, Hungary, and found refuge in England. In England, Soros received his education and graduated from the London School of Economics.

George Soros then settled in the United States where he founded and managed a fund that became largely successful. Over the course of his life, George Soros has committed himself to investment, philanthropy and writing. He has achieved success as an author, rising to become a best-selling author.

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