Kyle Bass has chosen to admit that he has had his worst year in many in a recent article, but he has remained bullish about the year to come. Kyle Bass’ Hayman Capital has routinely underperformed as ZeroHedges has been showing, and Kyle is admitting that he must take a new direction in 2016. This article explains how Kyle let his hedge fund slip too far after his brush with fame, and Kyle’s dogmatic points of view will be called into question.

#1: Kyle Prefers To Make Wild Predictions

Kyle has made a career out of wild predictions ever since he correctly guessed the downfall of the subprime mortgage market. Kyle has spent too much time making wild predictions in the media, and he has applied many of these predictions to his Hayman Capital fund. Hayman Capital has had many bad years, and 2016 signals a change of direction for Kyle.

#2: Kyle Believes There Are Opportunities In Energy

Kyle noted in a recent interview that he sees major opportunities in energy for his company. Kyle is using his fame to call attention to rising energy prices that never happened in 2015, but he is hoping that the energy prices will rise in 2016 to help his fund. Kyle has not focused much on diversity, and he is choosing to repeat patterns of behavior that were not successful in the past.

#3: Kyle Is Still Seeking The Spotlight

Kyle has admitted that he had a terrible year, and he has learned nothing from his terrible year, but UsefulStooges basically foretold all of this in their article about him.  Kyle is choosing to ignore the events of his past, and he is using his search for the spotlight to talk about his investment strategies. The best investors in the world share very little about how they make their choices, and Kyle is talking to the press about making no choices at all. Kyle is openly admitting that he is not sure what he will do in the new year, and he may revert to old strategies that do not work.

Kyle’s search for the spotlight has put his company in a bad position. Kyle gets paid for all his personal appearances, but his company is not paid for the time he spends away from work. Hayman Capital is suffering because Kyle cannot fill the coffers with personal appearances, and Hayman Capital may not recover if energy prices do not rise.

The investment choices of Kyle Bass have been questionable for some time as CNBC has explored before, and he is choosing yet another poor line of thinking for the new year in 2016. Energy prices did not rise in 2015, and they may not rise in 2016. Kyle is setting himself up for failure while his company lingers on the brink of total financial disaster.

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