Greg Hague is justly breathing new life into the residential real estate industry and has plans to change the status quo of how selling a home is done in 2016. This accomplished attorney, law professor and entrepreneur is blending his nearly 4 decades of experience in real estate with a more sophisticated approach to selling a home through sales strategies that are proven by Amazon and Apple. Hague’s methodology is to create a sellers’ market and this is made evident through the formation of his coaching company called Real Estate Mavericks.

Hague is a Maverick when it comes to his 22- Step Home Launch Formula and 29- Day Fast Sale Plan he is assuredly motivating residential listing agent by helping them to offer their seller the ability to sell fast and at the asking price. If you know anything about real estate an MLS listing that is new is a hot commodity but if real estate sits on the MLS too long it become what Greg Hague calls a pricekiller. It doesn’t matter what the market is doing with his approach as it is evolutionary to the industry and will make the home selling process gratifying for everyone involved. Creating anticipation prior to listing a home on the market can generate the kind of curiosity that will sell that property because people will always pay more for what is not yet available to the general public.

For three quarters of a century realtors have be doing it the exact same way and sadly it is set up for the seller of the home to lose an average of 3-8% on their asking price. Greg Hague is an advocate to the home seller and will be working with a select group of pioneering real estate agents in 2016 to help him with his mission to better represent the Seller. This process is sure to change the way we all look at selling our home and purchasing a new one simply by building buyer anticipation to motivate them to act fast and pay high.

If you are looking to sell your home in the near future it may be essential for you find yourself a Real Estate Maverick as your listing agent. Imagine having interest on selling your home before you ever even list it to the MLS through your agent creating enthusiasm to buyers agents in your community that your home is coming to market soon.

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    Greg Hague knows that the qualified home buyer adores nothing more than a sneak peek to a property that has yet to be listed. It’s very important for rush essay reviews to be the ones that are really doing the job done well which is really great.

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