The old saying “everyone deserves a second chance” is not always put in play when high profile executives, celebrities and politicians are caught doing or saying something that doesn’t conform to the standards set by public opinion. Countless politicians have been caught doing something or being somewhere that irks the public, and they pay the price. Some high-profile rule breakers pay for their mistakes more than others, and they never recover. But there is a way to control the damaged caused by making a stupid mistake or being overzealous when it comes to voicing an opinion about a sensitive topic. People are nothing without a good reputation. In this digital world crossing the line into bad reputation territory can last for years unless some kind of damage control is put in place.
That’s where Darius Fisher comes in. He’s an expert in digital damage control. His company, Status Labs, repairs damaged reputations and gives tarnished individuals the second chance they need. Status Labs is based in Austin Texas, but the company has offices in New York and Sao Paulo. The company’s main objective is online reputation management, public relations and digital marketing. The four-year-old company works with public figures and anyone else that needs help repairing their reputation.
Darius Fisher is one of those entrepreneurs that has a hand in a lot of successful business ventures. When Fisher started Status Labs, they immediately got an overwhelming response from people all over the world that needed reputation repair. Fisher’s background helped him understand what was needed to repair damaged reputation.
Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in economics, and he later became an investor in several ventures that produced more than $20 million in revenue. He met a number of high profile people along the way, and some of them had tainted backgrounds. That’s when a lightbulb went off. Fisher began to design a strategy that could repair those damaged reputations.
Status Labs is able to create new web content, and that information is fed to the Google search engine. The new information includes press releases, video content, media profiles, guest articles and a new personal website content that presents the individual’s talents in an honest and flattering way.
Fisher likes to profile personal achievements as well as personal interests along with other facts that present his clients as humans that have the same intentions as the people that have not been through a damaging media campaign or press attacks.

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