It isn’t often that we hear of powerful women that are taking on the financial world in strides. In most cases, we usually hear of the industry heads being men. Were these men the reason for the recession? There were so many reasons why the recession was caused. A lot of it has to do with people that were purposely misleading and completing things wrong in the financial industries. It caused the biggest financial backlash since the Great Depression. Now we can look to Helane Morrison as a woman that has the power to make positive changes.

Why Does Helane Morrison Have Power?

She has dedicated her professional life to that of integrity. That was sorely lacking during the years preceding the recession, by most of the people in power. Since she actively works in a company that is run by women, they are consciously empowering females in the financial sector to move upwards and forwards. They want them to make strides in their careers.

Helane Morrison’s Past Experience With The Government

Morrison’s experience with the Government was a long part of her career. She was in the SEC, and she made waves. Her education and experience allowed her to move into high power when she worked for the Government. In fact, she was the first woman to earn the title of Head of Commission and Regional Director. This was a huge accomplishment for her, and all her of efforts beforehand led to her success. 

What About Helane Morrison’s Youth And Education

Helane lived in Brooklyn, NY. This is where she was born and raised. Her education is impressive. She graduated from Northwestern University in Illinois. It was there that she found her love for writing, and she received a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She moved on to higher education, and received her Juris Doctor degree. She worked long and hard to receive this from the University of California Berkeley School of Law. Having this impeccable education behind her, she went out in the world to conquer unfairness and inequality. In the present day, specifically, inequality with women in leadership roles in the financial sector.

More and more women are looking up to Morrison’s career and successes as a role model for what they should do in order to climb the proverbial ladder to the higher levels in the financial sector. She continues to empower and embolden women across the globe to attain greater heights in their careers. 

Learn more about Morrison on her impressive Bloomberg profile.

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