Sergio Cortes, the State Secretary of Health travelled to Xerem last Sunday to survey the areas that were affected by floods that took place during the week. He was also looking at the major shelters that are currently getting municipal population. A Dengue Hydration center has been set up by the state government at a specific health center in Xerem, and it has been operating from Sunday. The facility has 12 chair used for hydration, and it can comfortably serve 300 individuals every day.
The state government is doings its best to prevent more damage and hoping that things will change for the best. The center is serving as a preventive action by the health department to assist the municipality. Garbage has been accumulating a lot in the city and this has made the chances of the spread of the dengue mosquito even higher.
During a meeting with Camillo Junqueira, the municipal Health secretary, it was decided that the government will deliver more calamity kit Caxias and 3000 antibiotic tablets to help prevent leptospirosis. The first delivery had already been made. The state department of health has been in the affected region for some days now, and most of the measures taken are all aimed at dealing with the spread of the dieses. The disease is contagious, and water can make the situation even worse.
Some samples were collected from seven homes in Xerem by the health department, but they were considered not enough by the concerned laboratory. Currently, the teams in the area are doing all they can to disinfect the water every day. The health department is also advising everyone in the affected regions to do the same. The government has even given out 10000 bottles containing sodium hypochlorite for disinfection.

People in who live in places surrounded by water should do the same. They should also use the bottled water for drinking and ensure proper food hygiene. The sodium hypochlorite should also be used in all the water tanks, and this way, the dieses will be eliminated. People who would want to make donations to the communities in the affected area have also been encouraged to give bottled water.
The health post in Xerem will be in charge of any health actions in the region. More kits will be delivered in the region, and the community will be trained on how to identify the early symptoms of dangerous dieses coming from the contaminated water.

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