Andy Wirth is an innovative man who resides in California. He is the sole founder of an iron man technical team referred to as The Wounded Warrior Support Team. Wirth founded this team after the nearest occurrence of a fatal accident in the skydiving field. This professional team raises a fund that is allocated to the Navy Seal Foundation. Mr. Wirth supervises the individual operations of this organization by helping a successful visit to sites.

Philanthropist Wirth also serves as the Senior Executive of Squaw Valley Ski Company, which has a resort in Lake Tahoe area. He is a committed and hardworking who works to improve the conditions of his resort as the best tourist destination point. Wirth has also been in cooperation with the local authorities to promote sustainability and flexibility of Lake Tahoe environment. His vision is making Lake Tahoe a suitable place to be visited by people of all ages. This information is according to the Reno-Gazette Journal that aided the publication of this article.

His efforts have however been facing challenges, both from the natural perspective and political dimension. The backers have been fighting for the incorporation of Olympic Valley, which borders the North Shore communities and the Squaw Valley Holdings. Wirth organized a move to oppose the incorporation due to the effects that would result from the merger.

His motion was successful after the backers dropped their move. Andy explained that the repercussions of the move would lead to a severe change in social relations and a threat to enterprises venture. Mr. Andy Wirth Company spent a large sum of money to protect the economic well-being of Lake Tahoe residents. Wirth implied that the incorporation would have diverse effects such as imposed higher rates of taxes on the residents and resorts, a decrement of the tourists who visits the area, and a poor maintenance of the infrastructure system that helps in business undertakings.  .

In the journal publication, Wirth added that the incorporation would lead to the isolation of the Olympic Valley from the other communities found in the North Shore communities. The Squaw Valley Holdings is currently strategizing on the improvement of the real estate design by establishing the building internet of things in the resorts. The Company has been on the move of creating a bridge connecting the Alpine Meadows and the Squaw Valley Holdings Incorporation to enhance a reliable and efficient tourist destination site.

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