If there is anything that can be said for entrepreneurs, it is that they create jobs. They not only create jobs for themselves, but for others as well. While it is good to be able to find a job, it is also good to have a back up plan just in case finding a job is very difficult or even impossible. Sanjay Shah was put into this very position when he decided to found Solo Capital. While many people often find themselves in a bad position when they are unable to land a job, Sanjay Shah takes the time to think outside of the box.

Of course he went on the basis of his experience in order to create Solo Capital. He went with his experience with sports investing, consulting, and trading. As a result, he has formed a company that is very successful, holding millions in capital as a result of its investments.

Being able to run a company takes a lot of education, skill and experience and Sanjay Shah is not lacking in any of these areas. He has started off studying medicine in the hopes of becoming medicine. However, he has found that he is not a right fit for the medical industry. He then changed his focus to business where he has studied and graduated.

He has worked for a variety of banks before starting Solo Capital. Even though he didn’t become a doctor, he is still involved in health care and medical help in some way. He has always made donations to charity and sponsored children. He is also involved with the funding of autism research through his charity Autism Rocks. He is funding it so that the can help his son who was diagnosed with the condition and provide effective treatment so that he could function well.

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