When it comes to feeding our dogs, we want to be sure that they are eating the absolute best we can offer them. After all, they’re members of the family, right? Thankfully there are companies working tirelessly to provide our fluffy companions with the food they deserve.

FreshPet is a prime example of this type of company. The companies CEO, Richard Thompson, prides himself on the quality of the food they produce. They work tirelessly to produce tasty concoctions that seem like they are more at home on a five-star dining menu rather than dog food descriptions.

They are the only leading producer of premium refrigerated dog food. The food is produced without added preservatives. While this does reduce shelf life, it provides a much higher quality product. This is why they work with distributors to reduce the amount of time these products stay on the shelves, resulting in a fresher product for your prized pooch.

These standards do come at quite the cost for the company. Recently, the stocks value is less than half the companies original IPO amount. However, Mr. Thompson will not be dissuaded. He feels that the company will turn a profit beginning in 2016 thanks to rapidly growing sales.

There are even large companies jumping on the gourmet dog food bandwagon. Take Purinastore’s’ Beneful as an example. They Beneful company are working to produce premium selections that are perfect for our prized companions and come in a variety of types

Beneful food selections come in both wet and dry varieties that are perfect for a wide range of activity levels and ages. They also feature premium ingredients such as salmon, wild rice, turkey and lamb. The selections Beneful offer are continuing to grow thanks to their popular demand.

When it comes to feeding your furry friend, there are a growing number of options perfect for them. Thanks to companies like Purina and FreshPet we can be sure that our companions are receiving the absolute best in taste and nutrition they deserve.

FreshPet was originally covered by the Daily Herald here.


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