George Soros is a philanthropist and an amazingly successful hedge-fund investor. He was born in Hungary, but as a U.S. citizen, his firm has earned more than $28 billion since he established it in the early 1950s. Mr. Soros earned a reputation in the financial world when, in 1960, he predicted that the UK’s economy would take a downturn, and it certainly did. Soros earned a million dollars in that wager, and he became recognized as a financier with prowess and discernment.
In 1979, Mr. Soros decided that he had earned a sizeable amount and that he was to be a leader in contributions to sustain the country at large. Since then, he has donated millions of dollars to liberal politics. He is considered a major contributor in the political arena; he had donated $25 million in an effort to remove then-President Bush from office. This venture failed, Bush remained in office. Mr. Soros did not make any more major contributions until years later.

In 2015, the Super PAC or political action committee called Priorities USA Action received the six million dollar check that was designated to support Hillary Clinton. For the Obama election in 2008 according to Politico, Soros only donated one million dollars, and he said he was sorry. It was this check for Hillary that cemented him in place as a major contributor, and by choosing Priorities USA Action, he set a precedent for the other billionaires who will donate upwards of one billion dollars to super PACs in this political season of 2016-2017.

Soros is one of the few billionaire liberals who has been willing to spend eight figures in an election cycle, but he proved the kind of contributor he is back in 2004 when he donated more than $20 million. Mr. Soros must be feeling his donation to Hillary will make a difference, from one liberal to another. Soros is also dropping smaller amounts in other pro-Hillary groups. He believed that Hillary would be the one to elect into office if you wanted the country to continue down the same path Obama was going.

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