The Olympic Valley has resumed normal operations early this season. This has mainly been brought about by the early seasonal winds which will favor fast snowing considering the prevailing cool temperatures. The Olympic Valley is famous as a top tourist destination in North America due to it’s long ski terrains. Skiing is a top sport in this area, and the mountain terrain makes it one of the best ski spots in the world. Most of the tourists who come to this area are professional skiers or just anyone who loves winter games. For a long time, the Olympic Valley has been Lake Tahoe’s community economic backbone. Most of the residents of this region work in resorts or other depending businesses.

Recently, an incorporation motion for Olympic Valley was being pushed forward. Andy Wirth, the owner of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which owns the Squaw Valley Ski and Alpine Meadows resorts was on the front line in the opposition of this motion. Andy Wirth’s opposition was supported by the majority of residents in the area. Andy Wirth opposed the incorporation motion because it was going to bring higher taxes to the area. The high taxes would end up affecting the economy of the region as it would lead to reduced business activities. The incorporation was also going to deny the Lake Tahoe region social services like road maintenance and snow clearing which they were currently enjoying.

Andy Wirth has a passion for helping and participating in programs that will change the community. In the same spirit, he participates in community work and community development projects in the Lake Tahoe region. He is also a founder and a big donor to two charities, the Wounded Warrior Support and the Crowdrise campaign. Andy Wirth dedicated most of his time to this charities. He formed the Wounded Warrior Support together with his Navy Seal friends after he nearly lost his arm in a skydiving accident.This is a group of Ironman, whose main objective is to help Navy Seals who have suffered the loss of limbs in war get prosthetic limbs. This organization also helps this Seals with psychological support so that they can swiftly adjust to normal life. This support group works in partnership with his Crowdrise charity campaign. They collect funds from donors and well wishers and donate the money to the navy seals foundation.

Andy Wirth is glad that operations in Olympic Valley are back to normal after the four-year drought that had hit the area. The drought had affected the level of ice in Olympic Valley, bringing tourism activities in the area to a standstill. Andy Wirth admits that the past four years have been tough on them especially due to the drought. With tourism activities no longer supporting the area economically, the resorts and businesses in the area were forced to close down. But now that the new season has started early, he says that he anticipates a good business season this year. He also expects tourists to flock on their thousands to the area following the improvements that have been done in the region especially Olympic Valley.

Published on the Reno-Gazette Journal.

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