A public battle between Andy Wirth, resorts and other business owners against backers of area incorporation in Lake Tahoe was recently covered in an article by the Reno-Gazette Journal. The article also highlights the general problems the tourism industry has had the last four years in Lake Tahoe. The political war between the resort and business owners and the unfavorable weather conditions the last four years has had Lake Tahoe in a terrible slump. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and Resort and he has spearheaded this fight against the backers of the incorporation of the area.

There has been a very public war of words between the two sides, and there has also been a financial war too. According to the article, the backers of the incorporation are saying Squaw Valley Ski Resort has spent a substantial amount of money to block the incorporation because Squaw Valley Ski Resort has hidden motives for wanting to prevent the incorporation. Andy Wirth has waved off this allegation of hidden motives, and he stated the backers have spent several hundred thousand dollars to try and get the incorporation pushed through. It appears the main motive for trying to prevent the incorporation is because it would spell disaster for a range of businesses in the area, and it would affect the largest resorts all the way to the smallest establishments.

Despite the money spent on the legal battle to incorporate the area, a California commission has effectively put a stop to the push. This has been a relief to Andy Wirth and other business owners in the area. Lake Tahoe has also been very fortunate aside from the legal victory. Early season winter storms have blanketed the area and been accompanied by cold temperatures. Snow and cold weather is ideal for Lake Tahoe, and the weather has allowed the resorts to open much earlier than usual. Early opening will bring in more tourists for a longer season, which means an economic boom for the entire area and all of its businesses.

According to Andy Wirth’s Wikiepedia entry, he has been very busy the last 25 years in the hospitality industry. He took over Nancy Cushing’s position of CEO for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has also won several business and humanitarian awards including Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports. He is indeed an upstanding and valuable member of his community and business community as well.

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