Amid a global market filled with chemical products, one Philippine entrepreneur is so passionate about supply organic products. Bernardo Chua, a Philippine entrepreneur with roots in China, has been promoting organic products in markets around the world. Bernardo Chua’s organic passion grew when he was spending his childhood days in his native homeland, China. In China, Bernardo Chua was able to learn about various Chinese herbs, their uses and their general benefits to the bodies of its consumers. From this time, Bernardo Chua started concentrating much of his time trying to know more about the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine. He realized that the entire world would greatly benefit from the usage of this herbs. He also noted that these herbs could also help resolve the majority of the health complications the world’s population face.

In a YouTube speech Bernardo said he was so inspired to make a positive change to the entire health perspective of the world. He was determined to provide the world with organic solutions that would improve the lifestyle of the populations. Bernardo Chua went ahead and founded Organo Gold, a firm that would provide healthy products to the market. Bonded to his passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle across the world, Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold specialized in producing consumable products that had herbal Chinese medicine ingredients in them. Bernardo Chua settled on Garnoderma Lucidium to be his ingredient herbal of choice in his products due to the extensive benefits it has to the human body.

Bernardo Chua strategically aimed the beverages sector to cut quickly through the consumer markets globally. He took tea and coffee, the world’s top beverages and not only made them tastefully aromatic but also healthy. Even coffee which for a long time has been dismissed by many nutritionist as a non-beneficial drink was mixed with Garnoderma Lucidium to give it unequaled taste, aroma and numerous health benefits.

With excellently made tea and coffee in the market, and a growing Facebook following, Bernardo started venturing into other highly used consumer products. He recently launched a herbal bathing soap made with Chinese herbs that have a lot of good benefits on the skin. Bernardo Chua plans to continue launching more healthy products for the market. During this launch, Bernardo Chua stated that Organo Gold will open other new branches all over the world as it seeks to expand its market to reach new consumers.  Take a look at Bernie’s Twitter for updates.

  1. Harry Song

    Bernardo Chua is also expanding the availability of his healthy products in the market through increasing his firm’s outlets around the world. The world biggest healthy living investor recently launched the new Organo Gold outlet in Turkey. The main point is that you visit to get all you want and nothing will happen.

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