Helane L. Morrison is a highly respected lawyer and businessperson. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she attended Northwestern University where she earned a bachelors degree in Journalism. She then studied law at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. While at UC Berkley, Morrison was the California Law Review’s editor-in-chief. In 1984 Morrison earned her Juris Doctor and three years later was accepted to the California State Bar. Morrison has since gone on to have a distinguished career and has been deeply involved in both business and the law.

After graduating from UC Berkley School of Law in 1984, Morrison became a law clerk for United States Court of Appeals judge Richard A. Posner who worked in the Seventh Circuit. A year later, Morrison began serving as United States Supreme Court judge Harry Blackmun’s law clerk. After having gained that valuable experience, Helane Morrison was ready to start her law career in earnest. She joined the San Francisco based law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin based in 1986. Named a partner in 1991, Morrison remained with the firm for 5 more year.

By 1996 Helane Morrison was ready for new challenges and opportunities. She became head of regional enforcement for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco District Office. Its name was later changed to the San Francisco Regional Office. Morrison’s talent, discipline, intellect, and hard work led to her being promoted to office head and given the title district administrator and later regional director. Her responsibilities included overseeing examination and enforcement programs not only for Northern California, but for Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Northern Nevada, Oregon, and Washington as well.

With Helane Morrison at the helm, the Securities and Exchange Commission‘s San Francisco office sought justice, ensured fair play, and took on the bad guys no matter who they were. During the time it was led by Morrison, the SEC’s San Francisco office was involved in many high profile cases. Some of those cases included bringing fraud charges against a subsidiary of NextCard and McKesson HBOC. The San Francisco office also investigated numerous cases involving allegations of defrauding senior citizens, violations by investment brokers and advisors, and insider trading.

In 2007 Helane Morrison changed careers again. This time she became private investment firm Hall Capital Partners LLC‘s General Counsel, Managing Director, and Chief Compliance Officer. She is also a member of the company’s executive committee.

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