At the University of Sydney, a unique approach is taken as to how students should write essays. Instead of the usual essay assignments commonly found in other universities, the University of Sydney assigns its students Wikipedia pages to edit. They must do research about the subject matter and write Wikipedia pages. Dr. Rebecca Johinke, a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney’s English department, said that a lot of students were not even collecting marked essays. This showed her that students felt uninterested in what they saw as something that will never get used. However, they do get motivated when they create a Wikipedia article, and this is because Wikipedia articles stay on the web and are available for anyone to read over many years. Students do not feel interested in long comments by professors, so the University of Sydney tries to motivate its students to leave feedback for one another. 

Wikipedia business page creation can be done by these students because the editors of Wikipedia are really regular people of the street. Wikipedia is also well known and regarded as THE source of information for any topic under the sun. Whenever you feel a need to find some information about anything in the world, you simply type it into Google and sure enough, there is a Wikipedia page among the first search results that tell you an unbiased and neutral review about that media personality, politician, company, firm, natural occurrence, or really any event that has happened, thing that existed, or person that lived. 

Now, businesses should and could use Wikipedia to their advantage. After all, when someone will type their name into Google and see a Wikipedia page about them, that shows that the company is a responsible and respected company and that the company is pretty well known and famous, for how else would there be a Wikipedia page about them? After all, regular people make a Wiki page all the time. The way for businesses to take advantage of Wikipedia the right way is by hiring Wiki experts from a service like Get Your Wiki.

Because Wikipedia is supposed to be unbiased and neutral, it is forbidden for companies to write reviews about themselves. If Wikipedia finds out that a company wrote about themselves, that Wikipedia page could be deleted which is why hiring a Wikipedia writing company is your best bet. There are also many rules that are involved in writing a Wikipedia page. That is why a business should hire a Wikipedia editing service like Get Your Wiki, which is a team of professional Wikipedia writers who will give your business a good name. 

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