Recently the Lauderdale Yacht Club held its race known as the Gold Cup. This year the race will include a number of junior sailors and therefore make up 32 contestants in the race. As a result this year’s event looks to be the most competitive in recent years. One of the participants in this race is business tycoon and philanthropist Dick DeVos. During this event, DeVos is currently leading the way by one point and therefore looks to be in position to possibly win the race. He is currently ahead of everybody including the current champion. If he is able to keep pace, Dick will likely become this year’s champion.

Dick DeVos is a well known business mogul who has been very active in charitable causes over the years. The main causes he has contributed to have been artistic, educational and free market economics. With these causes, DeVos has been able to make a difference in his community particularly the state of Michigan. These contributions have helped form and expand a number of programs to help Michigan recover from the most economic downturn. By providing funds as well as scholarships, DeVos is able to ensure that a number of people and organizations can improve their career and expand their organizations.

The main charitable cause that Dick DeVos has contributed to is artistic. He is a passionate follower of the arts and always looks to help artists and managers improve their opportunities. Therefore DeVos has organized ArtPrize which is a competition that helps give artists the opportunity to showcase their work and see how they compare to other artists. He has also provided funds to help managers of artistic organizations get professional development so that they can better lead their organizations.

Dick DeVos has also contributed to organizations that help contribute to free market economics. With these contributions he is able to give funds in the form of scholarships, money for buildings and also development programs. These programs will help enhance the knowledge and skills of business owners along with their workers. Therefore these programs will enable a number of professionals and entrepreneurs have the resources necessary to improve the economy by providing better quality products and services as well as creating jobs.

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