Inflation has never been this serious, and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. South America is an oil-rich country and Venezuela should be a wealthy town, but the recession that the city and surrounding country is experiencing has gone way past what anyone could have imagined.
Venezuela, as news are flooding facebook has been suffering shortages in food, basic necessities and a rising inflation rate that has increased 700 percent during this time. Crime and the need for clean water are only two of the outrageous problems they are encountering, and this chaos has left Venezuelans desperate and angry. change. Expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez see President Nicolás Maduro has their most serious threat.

Mobs have tried to loot several bakeries and delis in search of food. Last week, there was an announcement that chickens were coming in on trucks, so at 4 am the line began, wrapping around the building. When the truck arrived, it was not even able to unload the chickens because of the unrest that was taking place.

Politics is at the center of the chaos and leaders are seeking to shorten the term of President Nicolás Maduro. They say he has driven the country into the ground with mismanagement, and the condition that Venezuela is in is the result of his management of the country.

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