Brad Reifler is the man behind the founding of Forefront Income Trust organization that helps Middle American citizens to invest in products that were reserved for one percent (accredited investor). Before founding Forefront Capital, Reifler had also started Pali Capital that he run as the Chief Executive Officer. He later resigned and started and independent career where he founded Reifler Trading Corporation that offered services on global derivatives but was later sold to Refco.

Advice for Successful Investing

Apart from the great entrepreneurial career, Brad has sound knowledge in investments and offers advice through Forefront Capital. Reifler has sound knowledge on both sides of investment market that includes one percent of investors who have a mandate from the government to invest in the commodity, hedge and public funds and the other 99 percent that does not have wealth and are prevented by the government from investing directly.

Reifler has therefore published an article on Reuters where he provides insights in investors who are average and what they can do to become successful. The tips provided include:

  • Knowing the reason which one is investing by having clearly stated objectives
  • Having a clear picture of your fund managers and trust
  • Avoiding investing all the money in the stock market.

The main aim of Brad Reifler is to make a change for non-accredited investors who are considered not smart enough to participate in the investment world. Despite these investors being overlooked, it is likely that change is on the horizon while Securities and Exchange Commission has also realized that people are becoming aware of the stock market. There is also a recommendation by the task force that the rules that specify income and net worth for investment purposes should be removed.

Forefront Capital, therefore, works with investors to help them in overcoming their fears that resulted from financial crises of 2008. Brad Reifler also believes that the idea behind providing compound returns can help an average investor to have their investments grow substantially.

Conclusion reports Brad Reifler working with Forefront Capital has therefore established his global presence with his financial services advisory role that can help average investors. He has more expertise in the field of investments and has also noted that people who do not belong to the one percent of mandated investors have a desire to be part of the group.  Follow Brad on Twitter for more information @BradleyR.

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