Securus Technologies is proud to serve correction facilities, inmates and their friends and family members with telecommunication solutions. Not every company takes this responsibility as seriously as Securus, which is a shame, since people who have family in prison often struggle to pay for phone calls. Communication with family is vital to inmates as well; many depend on their family to give them a reason to rehabilitate themselves. PR Newswire recently published a report about Securus, the first in a series of press releases designed to highlight Global Tel Link’s potential wrongdoings while providing communication services to the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Securus claims the Louisiana Public Service Commission found multiple instances where GTL overcharged for calls, including double billing and adding 15 or 36 seconds of billable time to each call.
Securus America serves approximately 2,600 correctional facilities, according to Wikipedia.[also see:] They also offer video visitation services at about 100 correctional facilities in the United States. This is an excellent idea, and long overdue. It’s a hardship when a loved one in incarcerated in a facility that is far away from their family and friends. Video visitation also allows inmates to visit with their children, without exposing the child to the prison environment. You can follow Securus on LinkedIn to read the latest news about the company and learn more about the opportunities that they offer. PR, also has a lot of feature about the company.

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