Bad publicity often used to last only a few days. If you had negative publicity it would often be published in a newspaper, and if it was really bad if it was published on the front pages of a newspaper. A few days would pass and the publicity and the attention would subside. With the rise of the internet and the enormous popularity of search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google, negative press can linger for weeks, months, years and even decades.


So what can you do to fight back against negative publicity lingering on the net about you or your firm? Should you not underestimate the negative publicity found on the web?

The answer to the first question is that you can use search engine optimization techniques to push down bad and false coverage about your or your company down in search results. This will effectively bury the the bad articles and keep them away from the eyes of the public who is searching for you or your business on the web.


The answer to the second question in the paragraph above is that you should definitely not overestimate the negative publicity found on the web. The web is now the new first impression. People will search for you name or business before they even talk to you or contact you. Yes it has become like this. Many companies and interviewers admit that they do this routinely. People also search out a company and read reviews before they decide on whether to buy a product, hire a service, and in the case of job interviews even whether to call someone in for an interview or not.


You do have some power as described above, in controlling what people see about you when they search for your name or firm. This is through a process called search engine optimization. It is an integral part of search engine reputation management. Not up to search engine optimization or can’t the technicalities involved? No problem! Just hire a firm like The company offers a free quote, with no obligation to use their services. SearchCleanup will help you remove bad reviews, harmful PDF articles and bad publicity from your search engine results.


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